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life Research believes that the hemp plant is as important to our wellbeing as the water we drink and the air we breathe.

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Our passion to create the best hemp products is based on our passion to improve lives at a molecular level.

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Sleep Better, Think Better
Overcome Pain In Mind & Body Without Drugs

Homeostasis is the state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions maintained by living systems—

A holistic equilibrium of the organism’s entire biology, wherein many variables harmonize to manifest the fullness of self-healing, natural protection against the roots of pain and disease.

life Research’s CBG and CBGA+ tinctures activate our entire system to support total mind-body homeostasis.

The sense of calm and lack of discomfort will speak for themselves the moment you try our mineral rich tinctures.

How CBGA Will Transform Your Life


Healing Hollows Farm

Located on the edge of Paonia, Colorado, at the foot of majestic Mount Lamborn.

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