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If you run a cannabis business and you’re having trouble creating steady growth and repeat customers, you’re not alone. The market gets louder every day.

life Research CBGA will distinguish your brand’s identity, increase profits, and give you the chance to help hundreds of millions of people with oxidative stress disorders.

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Together, we can ease a lot of pain in this world, and help people into their best life..

Yours in all thing’s hemp ~

Bob & DJ Hill


CBGA is a New start for Wholesale Buyers and Boutique Consumer Brands


Cannabinoid acids, CBGA tinctures, and CBG hemp are a huge investment opportunity.

life Research has a future in Self-healing medicines from all over the world.

Technology continues to develop and increase our ability to measure on an increasingly subtle scale. Modern medical research and the scientific method are now confirming the same healing arts that were so irreverently dismissed throughout the last century. Things have come full circle. We’re moving forward now, even though much through the pretense of the reigning intelligentsia of the 20th century. Let’s bring back the universal mystique of the natural world for a new harmony of understanding. We must recognize the potential of the whole human family lying untapped in indigenous medicine and the wisdom of plants.

Extracts of CBGA are proven to boost the effects of CBD, and they create a more mellow high for psychedelic users. CBGA has what experts call an “entourage effect” with the other major cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, and THC.

In fact, all these compounds have acidic counterparts with the same remarkable properties. That means CBGA is only the beginning, but it also “opens the door” for the other molecules, and for you.

CBGA products are about to make big waves throughout the industry.

Let’s rethink medicine through cannabis research.

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Healing Hollows Farm

13581 Skyhill Road
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