Cannabis extracts are a long-time fascination for both modern and old societies. In the 19th century, people used cannabis to treat seizures and support a lot of different treatments. The science of cannabis now allows manufacturers to produce many different cannabis products with a complex way of breaking down the compounds into specific chemicals with specific benefits.

What is CBGA?

CBGA stands for cannabigerol acid, which is the precursor of all other cannabinoids. It begins its formation as a hexanoic acid, which goes through an enzymatic reaction to turn into CBGA.

The compound has a wide range of active elements, which contain oxygen, hydrogen, or carbon. The more scientific person may appreciate knowing that CBGA is a slightly acidic element because of the carboxyl group, which contains a ring of carbon elements. CBGA is different from CBG because the latter does not have a carboxyl group. An unknown fact about the two is that CBGA is the precursor of CBG and was not known until 1966 by a group of Japanese scientists.

CBGA plays a more active role for cannabis plants because it maintains the plant’s optimal health and triggers cell necrosis to allow leaf pruning. As a result, the plan will have an easier time ridding itself of dead and damaged cells, so it can focus on creating more energy for the flower. The less known fact is that CBGA is not available in all cannabis strains because they are more abundant in hemp strains.

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Benefits of CBGA

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers

One study in 2013 investigates the effects of CBGA on mice with different health conditions and shows that it has a powerful and fast way of reducing inflammation. CBGA is excellent at reducing the chemicals that worsen inflammation, such as nitric oxide. Using CBG isolate to reduce inflammation will offer powerful protection against nerve cells and harmful oxidative processes.

Relieve diabetes activities

CBGA has proven to reduce the activities that bring about diabetes complications and help with the breakdown of fats. Watch this space as our CBD wholesale distributor follows up on more cannabinoid research to establish its effect on metabolic complications like diabetes and dyslipidemia.

Turning CBGA into CBDA

Experts state that CBGA is the foundation of many other cannabinoid forms. Hemp and cannabis plants will break it down into other forms bypassing it through the decarboxylation process, which converts the initial cannabinoid into active acid forms. A such, it is essential for CBGA to go through the complete breakdown process to get more specific and compelling compounds.

The bottom line of wholesale cannabinoids for CBD startups

CBGA is not less effective than individual THC and CBD, even if it is the precursor of all other cannabinoids, but it is much better to take CBGA if you want the benefits of all the combined cannabinoids. Check out our store for a complete list of our CBGA products and buy bulk CBG for fast shipment.



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