CBGa and Honey

People around the world have used honey as medicine for centuries. There’s something about honey that just smacks of “mystical elixir”. It certainly has the look and it turns out the bees that make it are like Nature’s magicians, always maintaining our Earth’s ecosystem through somewhat mysterious processes (look into Bee rituals and flight patterns).

That’s why practitioners of traditional Ayurvedic medicine discovered honey to effectively treat wounds and several imbalances in the body. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were also aware of the health benefits that lie in the power of honey. These benefits derive from its enzymatic, sugar and pollen content.

But how does it synergize with cannabis?

Both honey and CBD are natural products with a range of positive effects on human health. Certain studies have shown that taking raw honey may be helpful for seasonal allergies. It can also accelerate wound healing due to an antibacterial effect we’ll touch on later.

We’ll start by reviewing the benefits of both honey and cannabinoids, and then examine how they might work together.

Therapeutic Benefits of Honey

Most people consider honey a nutraceutical agent, implying that it provides nutritional and therapeutic benefits. It effectively bridges the gap between food and medicine. In addition, humankind considers honey to be the oldest sweetener. It is nutritious and easier to digest, unlike the highly refined sugars we commonly use today. While honey is between 95 to 99% sugar, it contains several beneficial compounds. These compounds include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and much more. Also, honey contains antioxidant compounds, including proteins and flavonoids, with antibiotic effects. 

Due to its high nutritional value, it may help to provide the following benefits:

  • Antioxidan​t​

  • Helps digestion

  • Acts as a prebiotic

  • Antimicrobial

  • Benefits cardiovascular health

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antiseptic

  • Promotes immune function

In ancient and modern medicine, one of the most common uses of honey is improving wound healing. About 20 clinical trials have examined this application. It shows that honey could have antibiotic effects against 60 bacteria, viruses, and fungi species. 

Generally, it is preferable to choose honey with rich, dark colors as it will contain the most beneficial constituents. 

The benefits of CBGa honey (CBGa and honey combined)

Most people take CBGa as edibles or oral sprays. Combining CBGa with honey might open you to the natural benefits CBGa and honey put together. Interestingly, taking CBGa-infused honey is not only effective but also yummier!

Below are some of the combined benefits you could harness from taking CBGa-infused honey. They are beneficial to both your physical well-being and mental health. 

  • It naturally boosts your body’s ECS to help alleviate anxiety

  • It serves as an effective antioxidant

  • It acts as a natural sleep aid

  • It helps to heal burns

  • It helps cough

  • It is a good source of natural energy

  • It is a potent antibacterial

  • It helps to promote blood flow and reduce high blood pressure

  • It might help regulate cholesterol levels

  • It may help reduce inflammation, mostly by relieving the pain and discomfort of ulcers.

Going Beyond CBD: Explore the Potential of a Rare Cannabinoid/Honey Elixir

Our CBGa honey comes with several rare cannabinoids like CBGa, CBDa, CBG, CBN, and terpenes that promise a good relief from seizures, pain, and sleep-related disorders. To this end, our CBGa rosin has been effective at inducing sleep, assisting people in dealing with seizures, and helping with digestion. 

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CBGa-infused honey is an excellent way of enjoying and maximizing the benefits of CBD and honey at the same time. It is very nutritious, tasty, and convenient to use. In addition, it is healthier than most CBGa edibles.

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Happy healing!