In Harmony

You Have A Natural Bliss Switch

time to awaken your Self-healing

Cannabigerol is a new cannabis molecule that makes you feel better every day and puts control of your life back into your hands.

CBGA has a never-before-seen resemblance To AEA & 2-AG,
the body’s natural bliss molecules.

Every day, more science confirms CBGA’s unique ability to ignite the subtle mind-body matrix (the endocannabinoid system) that controls the immune system’s inflammatory response.

This means that CBGA can treat virtually any disease of mind or body.

Research-Backed Health Benefits Of CBGA


Nourish your body’s ECS to create a deep serenity throughout your life.

CBGA is non-impairing, and it empowers you to be your best.

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Sleep Better, Think Better
Overcome Pain In Mind & Body Without Drugs

Create Natural Balance in Life

Homeostasis is the state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions maintained by living systems-

A holistic equilibrium of the organism’s entire biology, wherein many variables harmonize to manifest the fullness of self-healing,

Natural protection against the roots of pain and disease.

life Research’s CBG and CBGA+ tinctures activate our entire system to support total mind-body homeostasis.

The sense of calm and lack of discomfort will speak for themselves the moment you try our mineral rich tinctures.


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Healing Hollows Farm

Located on the edge of Paonia, Colorado, at the foot of majestic Mount Lamborn.

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