Is CBGa+ Right for your Business?

Become a source of healing in troubling times!

Rates of chronic disease are rising and the healthcare system is hitting dead ends. But your world is what you make it. This is a time of both opportunity and challenge.

Oxidative Stress Creates Pain In our Minds, Bodies, and Society.

You are the antidote.

Empower your customers and loved ones to heal themselves. They’ll thank you with the repeat business to achieve your growth goals. Once you realize that Nature holds the keys to your deepest pains of mind and body, everything changes.

  • You become a new person with a new future that’s in your hands.
  • Even the biggest challenges don’t scare you anymore.
  • Nature ceases to appear hostile and chaotic.
  • The Universe becomes the source of infinite healing that you always knew was there.
  • You encounter a world that’s alive with love and waiting for us all to wake up,

It just takes the right person to guide others in a true spirit of service. And that can be the difference you make in the world.

Self Healing Science, Perfected by Nature

The cannabis plant has witnessed unending cycles of life and death over untold eons. Mother Nature, conscious through the plants, refined herself, generation after generation, until she took a form that could heal the human mind and body.

But we’re finally here.

Our collective mind is crying out for help.

We need to work together to heal. Then all the abundance of Nature is ours, forever.

Let’s change the world!

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life Research is the Exclusive Producer of CBGa Rosin Hemp

Rosin press is a heat extraction technique that preserves our hemp plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile. This is critical because a delicate balance of terpenes triggers CBGa’s mimetic function during metabolism. Without this balance, the body attacks cannabis molecules as foreign proteins, blocking their therapeutic effects.

Our one-of-a-kind extraction process preserves the natural balance of minerals and phytocannabinoids.

For the health-conscious customer, this is the difference between synthetic product and natural medicine.

Let’s talk about CBGa+ for your lab or business

  • Consumers have been over promised and misinformed on CBD
  • And it’s sinking businesses up and down the supply chain.
  • CBGa could revolutionize healthcare because it has unique metabolic properties which instantly reverse oxidative stress.
  • Research shows that CBGa’s entourage effect can make CBD and THC products more effective, and more profitable.

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