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Tell your customers about CBGA before someone else does!

If you run a cannabis business and you’re struggling to create steady growth and repeat customers, you’re not alone. The market gets louder every day. Survival means an exciting consumer experience that creates brand loyalty.

CBGa+ by life Research is the best of its kind because our Rosin Press extraction preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes that activate the whole ECS. This is a chance to strengthen your brand and become part of a movement to help hundreds of millions of people with oxidative stress disorders.

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Together, we can ease a lot of pain in this world, and help people into their best life..

Yours in all thing’s hemp ~

~Bob & DJ Hill

CBGA is a New start for Wholesalers and
Boutique Consumer Brands

Whether you’re a therapist, holistic health coach, doctor, researcher, or product developer, cannabinoid acids, CBGA tinctures, and CBG hemp are a huge investment opportunity.

  • Extracts of CBGA are proven to boost the effects of CBD, and they create a more mellow high for psychedelic users.
  • CBGA has what researches call an “entourage effect” with the other major cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, and THC.
  • All the neutral molecules have acidic counterparts with unexplored therapeutic potential.
  • CBGA is only the beginning, but it also “opens the door” for the other molecules, and for you.

Let’s rethink medicine through cannabis research. Let’s bring back the mystique of the natural world for a new harmony of understanding.

Let’s talk about CBGa+ for your lab or business

  • Consumers have been over promised and misinformed on CBD
  • And it’s sinking businesses up and down the supply chain.
  • CBGa could revolutionize healthcare because it has unique metabolic properties which instantly reverse oxidative stress.
  • Research shows that CBGa’s entourage effect can make CBD and THC products more effective, and more profitable.

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Healing Hollows Farm

13581 Skyhill Road
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