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Hemp-based products are growing in popularity not because they are finally legal but that they offer all the holistic and therapeutic properties for human wellness. Perhaps you know all the buzz surrounding CBD, such as pain relief, stress management, and other medicinal benefits. CBG is another one of the 100 cannabinoids, with holistic advantages as all other types. We dug into our customers’ personal experiences and can prove that our CBG oil products offer many different health benefits because of their unique formulation.

What you will get from our CBG oil products

CBG has a similar function to many different cannabinoids, which means they regulate different body functions to ensure they are at an optimal working state. Most people will buy it to maintain stable health status or manage the symptoms of many different illnesses like bladder dysfunction, glaucoma, and inflammations. We stock a couple of different items containing CBG and know that you will find something that will work great for yourself and your health needs.

Why CBG and not CBD?

Research shows that CBG has stronger and faster therapeutic properties compared to regular CBD. The science is that CBD works by binding to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, while CBG binds to these receptors directly to report long-lasting and faster results. Further studies show that it is more effective in relieving complex issues like the growth of cancer cells or glaucoma.

Qualities of our CBG oil products

Ethical sourcing

Which is the right wholesale cannabinoids for CBD startups for you, and how can you ensure you pick the right one? Some growers will add traces of fertilizers and chemicals that encourage the plant to grow faster, with little regard for the consumer. You want to make sure the CBD and CBG you choose are sourced from clean water, air, and soil, which means it will not have all the extra chemicals and heavy metals that eventually intoxicate the final product.

Life Research is a CBD wholesale distributor that sources all its raw or processed products from suppliers that follow an ethical production process. We are sure that all our products have everything they need to be one of the most potent CBG products and free of harmful additives. The following are some traits of all our CBG isolate oil products:

  • The best CBG oil is completely free of GMO additives
  • We make sure to state that the CBG is a derivative of organically grown hemp
  • There are third-party lab tests to ascertain the purity and quality of CBG oils


Cannabidiol oils have different strengths and will therefore have different effects. It makes sense to start with a low-strength CBG oil as a form of experimentation until you can trust your body and mind to withstand more substantial CBG doses. Some people report minor side effects from starting with the most substantial CBG strength, such as an overactive digestive system or laxity.

We have just the proper CBG oil concentrations for you as a beginning user or a serial user who wants to increase the doses at an affordable price or buy wholesale CBG. Check out the store for more information on how to buy bulk CBG and contact us for any clarification.


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