Cannabis has massive medical and profit potential…

But there are more sick people than ever because the medical and cannabis industries are dead wrong on both full spectrum and isolate extracts.

And that’s why we teamed up with Dutch scientist & Canna-master Peter Vermeul and solved the problem of cannabinoid efficacy and stability.

After 1000s of hours of research & development, we've discovered the secrets to maximizing the healing and profitability of cannabis extracts

The truth about using cannabis for sleep, stress, pain, mood, or anything else —

It’s much more complex than what the CBD and medical industries are telling you.

But if you can activate the full therapeutic potential of cannabis, you’ve got a lifelong ally to your health that will help you energize and protect every cell in your body!

But here’s the problem:

No one knew how to do that, until now.

The real medicine of cannabis depends on a complex balance of the right botanical compounds, genetics, cultivation and extraction methods.

The science goes well beyond THC, CBD, and terpenes,

Even your average doctor or biochem professor would have no clue of what you’re about to learn here…




There are 100s of compounds with therapeutic potential to consider and tweaking any one of them even slightly out of balance can ruin the medicinal value of individual cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

Do you want the most benefit from selling or using cannabis?

Then you must consider: 


All the different cannabinoids, acids, flavonoids, terpenes, and minerals in the plant


The genetic profile to produce all those compounds in the correct ratio


The individual (1 to 1) relationship of those compounds to one another


All the different group relationships (1 or more to 2 or more) between compounds


A cultivation and harvest process that keeps a stable balance of these 100s of variables


An extraction method that preserves that balance for final consumption


Accurate information on which cannabis therapeutic to use based on your unique needs, metabolism, and a dozen other possible factors.

But how can you possibly balance all that in one extract?

(Well, even your doctor doesn't know, and the Spanish government wants us banned because we do)

How Life Research founder, Bob Hill, met Dutch scientist Peter Vermeul and cracked the code of cannabis as medicine:

Bob and Peter discuss why preserving a bioidentical profile of botanical compounds is the key to the extraordinary efficacy of Life Source Extracts.

Use this knowledge to avoid a world of pain while entering a world of happiness

Here’s why our extracts are the best in the world-

All of these compounds must be present, activated, and balanced for you to feel results-

And no one knew what that meant or how to do it, until now...

Cannabinoid Acids: The secret to maximizing healing and profits.

Proprietary Genetics

All of these compounds must be present and properly activated for you to feel results:

Life Source extracts activate and balance the entire endocannabinoid-immune system.

“This will change the way we think about any condition of chronic inflammation, or oxidative stress. Get this stuff before it’s banned.”

Results, not rumors

Documented Use Cases

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