Cannabis continues to garner positive (for a change) publicity as more and more science confirms its therapeutic uses which, as of right now, remain regretfully underutilized. 

But this also presents huge profit potential for cannabis brands as consumers are ready for good information in the new world of legalized cannabis. More importantly, we have the opportunity to become leaders in an emerging global awareness of the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Plant medicines have a vital role in accelerating this reawakening, both on an individual and societal level. 

Much of the world remains leery of marijuana even as mainstream use grows year after year. Leading governments still classify cannabis among the most dangerous of drugs with “no medical benefits”, which is a grave injustice to say the least. 

Unfortunately, “stoner culture” has done little to counteract this. Millions of Americans continue to take a virtually harmless plant to the extremes of actual drug abuse. Fentanyl and other drug overdoses have become the leading cause of death for young Americans. And there is at least a grain of truth to the “gateway drug theory”, inasmuch as it puts young MJ users in contact with black markets and real criminals. 

Little wonder cannabis legalization faces major setbacks in several regions of the world. 

The Good News: Experts Industry-wide Know that Cannabis Has Nowhere to Go but Up 

Now that the world is getting more interested in what makes the cannabis plant unique, there is a clear indication the next 10 years will be quite eventful and phenomenal for Cannabis. The worldwide cannabis market is estimated to hit $90.2 billion by 2026.  

While 2021 was a big year for the cannabis industry as the world tries to heal from the effects of the pandemic, 2022 may introduce some trends that will change the face of cannabis medicine forever. First, we witnessed increased legalization of Cannabis in several regions, and it is not likely to end anytime soon. As 2022 is just starting, here is a list of predictions we believe are most likely to take place this year. 

More interest in cannabis medicine  

The year started on a high note with the acquisition of MJBIZCon by Emerald X, and this trend is expected to continue. The cannabis market has enjoyed an upward movement since 2014, and it is likely to maintain that pace for the next 10 years. The year 2022 may usher in a new era in the cannabis industry where big players in diverse industries will become more interested in creating exciting new medicines with cannabis. Moving away from the acquisitions, there may be an improvement in cannabis legalization globally since more people are becoming aware of what it has to offer. Most of the interest in cannabis medicine is likely to focus on edibles, oils, and flowers. 

Rare cannabinoids will supplant CBD and THC. 

While the world is trying to understand the benefits of CBD and other commonly extracted cannabinoids, 2022 may come with a different movement where people will be more interested in rare cannabinoids like CBGA, CBCA, CBDA, THCA, THCV, CBDV, and the list is virtually endless. New chemotypes of cannabis plants have shown how these rare cannabinoids can be extracted in industrial quantities. Research into the therapeutic potentials of these cannabinoids shows how they can offer better activity at a lower concentration. CBGA, for instance, was found to provide a better anticonvulsant property at a lower dosage than CBD.  

Rare cannabinoids like CBGA and their acidic counterparts are likely to leave the laboratories and gain access to the larger world.  

Other rare cannabinoids like THCV and THCVA have registered as excellent anticancer drugs. Available research has shown that rare cannabinoids like CBGA exhibit a better bioavailability and may interact with other cannabinoids to achieve this. It was discovered to interact with CBD to boost its bioavailability. 

Water-soluble cannabinoids and cannabis-based beverages 

The low bioavailability exhibited by cannabinoids has always served as a barrier in utilizing it for medical purposes or in some products. This is more likely to change as the adoption of water-soluble cannabinoids may increase in 2022, thus supporting the creation of cannabis-based beverages. Soluble cannabinoids are more likely to support the formulation of more cannabis-based products.  

Final words 

Cannabis medicine has come a long way to be neglected. Apart from serving as an important remedy for wound healing, it was actively involved in reducing anxiety and promoting soldiers’ sleep during the world war. The cannabis plant is a blessing to mankind if only we could understand what it stands for and how it can help us.  

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