“This cannabinoid will change medicine, and the way we think about chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.”


How new science points to a breakthrough with whole-plant cannabigerolic acid (CBGa) extracts


New ground-breaking research is discovering that CBGa activates other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to their highest therapeutic potential *when* properly combined and extracted.

We’ve spent 1000s of hours in research and development to find the right genetics and methods to solve the problem of CBD efficacy.

Now we’re about to make a quantum leap in endocannabinoid medicine.

Our CBGa’s ability to create homeostasis by balancing the endocannabinoid-immune system, and the receptor affinity of other cannabinoids, has sweeping implications for the most widespread illnesses in America.

CBGA in America’s Worst Health Crises

The potential health benefits of CBGA seem almost ubiquitous as it promotes whole-body homeostasis while potentiating the effects of other cannabinoids, like CBD and Anandamide.

Case Study: CBGA & Cancer

“My basal carcinoma was gone in 51 days.”

This 2023 research paper reported that purified cannabinoids, including CBGA, assisted in preventing cancer proliferation, and metastasis while inducing cellular death of cancer cell lines.

Below is an extract from a case study from a patient who saw rapid remission of her skin cancer.


Hope For Neurodegenerative Disease

“It’s saving my life.”

Neurological diseases are some of the most tragic and difficult to treat conditions healthcare providers face today.

As the science advances, CBGA will prove an invaluable ally.

CBGA preserves health neurons by reducing inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress.

A Powerful Tool For Mental Healthcare

The alarming rise of mental illness is as shocking as it is tragic, and healing it is one of the greatest challenges we face today.

Healthcare providers should use every evidence-based tool to keep patients safe and on the road to recovery.

The best place to start-

Enable the brain and body to heal themselves through its natural homeostatic response.

CBGa improves mood without drugs through complex interactions between CB1 and CB2 receptors, and the endogenous cannabinoids anandamide and 2-AG (also known as the body’s bliss molecules).

These molecules promote a sense of well-being and safety, even in the midst of physical or psychological pain. 

By balancing the inflammatory and stress response, the traumatized brain can begin the healing process.

See references below.


Releasing patients from the horror of addiction

CBGA is especially pertinent in opioid addiction as it can mitigate the pain response without narcotics by balancing anandamide and 2-AG levels (see diagrams below).

Heart Disease: CBGA & America’s leading cause of death

Heart disease is preventable and even reversible with proper endocannabinoid function.

Research suggests CBGA can improve cardiovascular health by reducing hypertension and inflammation, and through its antioxidant properties.

Flipping The Body’s Natural Bliss Switch

The Entourage Effect And CBGa Pharmacology

Every cannabinoid has a complex synergistic reaction with other cannabinoids (endogenous and plant-based) throughout the body-wide network of cannabinoid receptors, known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This “entourage effect” is critical to understanding the efficacy of CBGa.

Simply put, cannabinoids work better together, and whole-plant CBGa extracts multiply this effect exponentially.

Our CBGa provides the lock-and-key mechanism that maximizes receptor activity, and the therapeutic potential of other cannabinoids.

CBGa reduces the dose response of cannabinoids like CBD by as much as 10,000%

This effectively enables the body’s innate ability to balance cytokines, hormones, enzymes, and inflammation.

CBGA Receptor Activity

Our CBGa effectively informs the body’s reaction to anything from chronic pain to neurodegeneration to cancer.

With the discovery of neuroplasticity, we learned that the brain can repair and rewire itself if given the right tools.

Likewise, if the ECS is properly nourished with the right combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and cannaflavins, the body can intelligently respond to an astounding range of would-be illnesses.

Whole Plant Extracts

Life Research CBGa increases bioavailability of all therapeutic compounds present in the cannabis plant.

Without a targeted profile of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, outcomes are limited.

Our eBook Breaks Down The Essentials Of Endocannabinoid Medicine


With innovation comes opportunity!

The cannabis market is projected to grow by several billion by 2025.

Life Research CBGA maximizes the potential of other extracts and nutraceuticals through mind-body homeostasis.

This is a chance for clinicians and entrepreneurs to become influencers in this space while building a healthier society.

The science is complex, and this explosive market needs experts to guide them through a maze of often useless (and possibly dangerous) health products,

Get informed and inspired!

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