Grow Your Brand, Save Your Budget, and Get What You Want In Your Business While Helping The New Medicine Movement

Partnership Opportunities With life Research Co Create Sustainable Wealth & Fuel Societal Change

Do you need to put your cannabis brand on the map and make a real difference for your people?

If you run a cannabis business and you’re having trouble standing out from the crowd, you’re not alone. The market gets louder every day so it’s important to make a strong statement. CBGA products by Life Research will help give your brand more identity, increase your profits, and allow you to help others heal themselves.

Grow Your Business With The Cutting Edge Of Science-Backed Cannabis Products

CBG & CBGA tinctures are the future of cannabis because only CBG unlocks the full healing potential of the cannabis plant.

Why Parter With Us?

life Research CBGA will take your brand to the next level. Even your veteran marijuana/CBD customers will be amazed at the results they get from CBGA, because supplementing CBGA enhances the experience of marijuana and other cannabis products. Once your customers realize it was you who led them to their solution, they’ll tell everyone, and everyone will just keep coming back,

Again and again…

Do you want to change your brick-and-mortar CBD shop into a dynasty that empowers you and your family for generations?

Partner with
life Research and you can sleep well knowing that’s what you’re doing.

Life Research CBGA hemp is grown and extracted using proprietary, ancient, and alchemical techniques that preserve the all-important terpenes and acidic cannabinoids.

Become An Industry Leader & Pillar Of Your Community

People have an instinct for self-healing that creates deep, long-lasting bonds.

It’s a primal motivator that’s irresistible, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t easily profit from this fact.

Whether it’s a church, tribe, or gym people grow to trust the people, places and things they believe to be their source of good health.

And that could be you.

life Research can help your brand become a symbol of trust and respect because our products make a real difference in your customers’ quality of life.

And that’s what transforms a typical cannabis brand into a real industry player.

Help More People Find Self-Healing & Escape A Flawed Medical System

We’re all part of the Whole, and by giving people the means to help themselves, you’ve enriched their whole life.

Prevention is the best medicine.

There’s an incredible wealth of science behind CBGA, and you’re doing your customers a disservice if you don’t provide it for them. Eventually they will discover from another brand.

Even if you already sell cannabis products, your brand will benefit from life Research CBGA. Our products activate the full therapeutic potential of CBD & THC in all their forms while providing unique health benefits by themselves.

Save On Manufacturing

Growing space, facilities, and equipment can be prohibitively expensive.

Partnering with an established leader in cannabis makes financial sense and ensures the long term viability of your business.


  • Best CBD Topical
  • Best Industry Newcomer
  • Best International Retailer
  • Best Product Innovation

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