CBGA as Natural & Drug-free Migraine Treatment

Too many suffer from Migraines, and they need to go without relying on drugs.

This article explores how CBGA can contribute to that end.

Migraine attacks can be scary and confusing, especially if it’s your first time. While patients may get used to the symptoms as the disease progresses, the episodes come with different severities that can throw even the strongest of us off balance. 

Migraines are a challenge to treat and cope with due to the fact that people experience symptoms differently, making it hard to know if you are suffering from a migraine or not. The condition can start as mild pain in the head and graduate into painful aches that make us want to abandon everything. Depending on the stage of the condition, the pain is expected to last from a few minutes to several weeks. 

Chronic migraine can lead to a vast array of conditions including the ones stated below

  • It can increase your chances of a stroke 
  • May trigger bowel malfunction 
  • Backache
  • Reduced quality of sleep 
  • Seizures
  • Chronic pains 
  • Increased blood pressure 
  • Severed mood. 

Migraine headaches are the third most prevalent illness, and the 6th primary cause of disability in the world. The disease affects over 1 billion people globally with no preference to any gender or race. Statistics show that about 1 in every 4 people in a family is battling migraine headaches or episodes.

What causes migraines?

Migraine headaches are a neurological condition arising from abnormal brain activity that affects the brain’s normal function of nerve signals, chemicals, and blood vessels. The disease can be hereditary, with some episodes triggered by hormonal changes, stress, tension, anxiety, poor sleep and loud noises. 

CBGA for migraines?

While there is little to no data on the neuroprotective activity of CBGA, information from research shows that CBG Quinone possesses a good neuroprotective activity that reduces the severity of seizures and may play a key role in assisting with migraines. Apart from this neuroprotective activity, CBGA can offer the following benefits.

  • Sleep and relaxation: 

A good sleep is vital for handling migraine episodes. It goes a long way in keeping the body refreshed and supercharged for the challenges of the day. It’s the difference between feeling sharp and in control of your life, or feeling like you’re struggling against a current of negative emotions. Since CBGA can interact with receptors to promote sleep, people experiencing an episode can turn to it for solace when trying to enjoy that much needed rest.

So while CBGA might not cure migraines, it can certainly treat them, either by itself or as part of a holistic regimen. 

  • Pain relief 

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBGA can go a long way in boosting pain relief. CBGA can neutralize the harmful effect of free radicals, thus promoting internal balance and modulating immune cells’ activities. It can interact with the brain’s pain center to reduce the transmission of pain, thus helping the patients deal with the pains effectively. 

  • Improved bowel function 

Cannabinoids can modulate cognitive responses such as hunger and homeostasis. This is important to bowel health and may reduce the severity of migraine patients developing a malfunctioning bowel. 

  • Cardiovascular health 

There are pieces of information pointing to the possible use of CBGA in promoting cardiovascular health. The phytocannabinoid acid may play critical roles in reducing blood pressure, obesity and hypertension. 

  • Reduces anxiety and depression 

The anxiolytic and antidepressant properties of CBGA goes a long way in assisting people to relax. This can improve the overall health of the body while reducing the possible migraine episodes.

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